About our Practice

Our technology

Our diagnostic equipment is state of the art technology.

Our Excimer laser and femtosecond Intralase are world class:

Dr Sumich uses the VISX Star S4 with the Intralase.

The Intralase has been a remarkable new development in laser technology and creates flaps of unprecedented accuracy and reliability. Dr Sumich can explain how this technology may benefit your procedure.

Both of these combinations are used widely in Australia and United States because of their excellent and reproducible results. For further information on these, read our “ten minute tutorial” on Laser surgery.   

Hunter Street Lasik Laser Eye Specialists are located in Parramatta. We are an eye clinic specialising in Lasik Laser Eye Surgery, Advanced Cataract surgery, Laser Vision Correction and Lasik eye procedures. Hunter Street Laser Eye Surgery is located in Parramatta Sydney Australia