Cost of Lasik Laser Eye Surgery

The initial assessment visit for internet bookings is free.

Q/ Are your prices competitive?

A/ Yes. We are in the middle range.

We have done the research for you in the Sydney Region amongst the top 10 providers (Oct 2014):

Cheapest laser $1,288 / eye
Most expensive $4,000 / eye
Middle priced $2,700 - $3,750 / eye
Our price $2,950 / eye 
Our internet price includes:
  •     free initial doctor consult and eye scans
  •     free eye examination and risk assessment
  •     free 2nd treatment if needed within 12 months
Unfortunately there is a lot of hype that goes with Laser eye Surgery and the industry is very competitive. It is not uncommon to see discount laser centres advertising extreme low cost surgery at a prominent headline price.  There is no way you can provide Intralase at these discount rates because the Intralase laser is too expensive to buy and the royalties paid per use are not cheap. Actually I couldn't even  provide standard Lasik at those prices due to the expensive and sophisticated nature of our laser set up. Where there are very low cost options in the market place there are nearly always some conditions and restrictions applied which make it less appealing once analysed.

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Laser Vision correction costs $2,850 per eye including the cost of Intralase. Compared to the ongoing cost of contact lenses or lost spectacles it is surprisingly affordable.

Costing includes:

  • • an extensive pre-operative eye examination
    • all scans (pachymetry, corneal mapping, wavefront analysis)
    • education and counselling
    • LASIK surgery and all followup visits
  • Enhancements / touch ups are free within the first 12 months.
  • We do not charge any extra according to your severity of spectacle error.

Common questions:

Q/ Dr Sumich, is a LASIK phone consultation necessary?

A/ It's a great way to start. It might save your time and ours. Our LASIK phone consultants (Michelle, Naomi, Leone, Lorrine and Gabi) all have at least 7 years experience in LASIK assessment and they can quickly decide if you should take the next step towards Laser Eye Surgery and schedule an appointment. If an appointment is made patients will always see me because I like to meet the patient face to face, conduct my own assessment, review the scans and plan a treatment strategy. It's too important a decision to leave it to anyone else other than the surgeon. Quite commonly the patient goes away to discuss it with their friend or partner and we encourage this. 

Q/ Why does laser eye surgery cost this much?

A/ Don’t worry – we feel it too. The simple answer is: advancing technology and quality control.

The best laser equipment is costly to buy and to maintain. The operating theatres must be made to strict safety standards. The laser technicians who assist us must be highly trained and constantly upskilled. We update software versions and laser hardware regularly and we only use laser technology that has achieved a world wide reputa for excellence. We do not believe in cutting corners, using second best technology or skimping on staff training and development. We provide an audiovisual suite for you to educate yourself with DVD's and reading material. Our staff can spend as long as you need to learn about the procedure and satisfy yourself. You will always be seen by a doctor and not just by an assistant.

Q/ Is finance available?

A/ Yes. If you would prefer to pay off the surgery over time then we have arrangements with medical procedure finance companies to schedule payments. Note that your arrangements are with the finance company and not with us directly. For many patients it is the most affordable option and one that removes alot of the financial barriers.

Q/ Am I obligated to have surgery if I have an assessment visit?

A/ Of course not! If you do not want to proceed then there is no obligation to book in for the surgery.

Q/ Is it tax deductible?

A/ Possibly, depending on your circumstances. Ask your accountant.

Q/ What does lens implant surgery cost?

Some patients are not suitable for laser correction and will be better suited for lens implant surgery. The cost for this varies between $2400 and $4000 per eye and depends on what exactly you need to have done. This can only be determined after a consultation and examination by the doctor.

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