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Welcome To Hunter Street Laser Eye Surgery Specialists - based in Parramatta, Sydney.

We specialise in LASIK Laser eye surgery and advanced cataract surgery. We understand your major issues, because we talk to people every day who are just like you !

  • Your hopes for better vision and freedom from spectacles
  • The cost of the LASIK procedure
  • Your concerns on the safety of the LASIK procedure
  • Fear of doing something you may regret
  • The worry of choosing a good LASIK surgeon
  • Your confusion with all the marketing hype and techno speak
Laser Eye Surgery Sydney

About Intralase

What is Intralase? What does Intralase Cost? Is Intralase worth the extra cost? "With all the marketing that has been done for Intralase (Bladeless laser) it has become very confusing for the average LASIK patient attempting to research laser eye surgery. "
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Eye Specialists Parramatta

Cost of Lasik Surgery

The initial assessment visit is Free. No referral is required. Laser Vision correction costs $2,950 per eye. (Intralase included). To help make it more affordable, a six to twelve month interest free loan facility is available with installments paid over 2-3 years.
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Laser Eye Surgery Parramatta

About Hunter

Our diagnostic equipment is state of the art technology. Our excimer laser and keratome choices are world class: Dr Sumich uses the VISX Star S4 with the Intralase.
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We use only the latest advanced Lasik technology to provide custom tailored Lasik wavefront treatments with the safety of 3D eye tracking and iris registration software to maximise results. We use Intralase to tailor the Lasik treatment to your requirements. The safety profile of Lasik procedure has never been greater.

We have learned that success in Lasik eye surgery and satisfied patients come from good planning and communication between the surgeon and the patient.

You should not rush your decision. At our clinic, many patients are brought back for a second or third visit during the decision making process. If the surgery doesn't feel right for you then it is not right for us.

Beware of a Lasik centre which hurries you into a quick decision. If you feel like a 'number' then you probably are. Never have the initial consultation and the Lasik surgery rushed through on the same week. A cooling off period is vital to allow you to reconsider the procedure after talking to your friends and family.

Dr Thomson, Dr Lim and Dr Sumich are highly qualified and respected eye surgeons who were trained through Sydney Eye Hospital and then underwent extra study in Britain and The United States. They have performed thousands of successful eye surgery procedures including Cataract surgery and lens implants, Laser Vision Correction and Corneal Transplants. Both are respected members of the Australian Medical Association, The Royal Australian College of Ophthalmology and The American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons.

Because our surgeons own their clinic and are not employees for a larger company you can be sure that the decisions they make are independent and vital to their own reputation and continued success as eye surgeons.

Our location in Parramatta was specifically chosen as the population and transport centre of Sydney.

Frequently asked questions

Hunter Street Lasik Laser Eye Specialists are located in Parramatta. We are an eye clinic specialising in Lasik Laser Eye Surgery, Advanced Cataract surgery, Laser Vision Correction and Lasik eye procedures. Hunter Street Laser Eye Surgery is located in Parramatta Sydney Australia