Intralase Eye Surgery Facts


What is Intralase? 
What does Intralase Cost? 
Is Intralase worth the extra cost?

"With all the marketing that has been done for Intralase (Bladeless laser) it has become very confusing for the average LASIK patient attempting to research laser eye surgery. "

Dr Peter Sumich explains:

"Intralase has been an exciting and proven method of creating the LASIK flap. Rather than a bladed keratome, the flap is created with the laser. The accuracy is unprecedented and it is certainly the safest means of creating a planar LASIK flap thus far."

Patients inevitably ask me question about Intralase Lasik.....Is it worth the extra cost?  I can only say that I believe that it is 1 percent safer and definitely eliminates a few of the serious (but rare) complications such as Lasik free flaps, buttonholes and torn flaps. Whilst these events are exceedingly uncommon in any form of modern Lasik, they are practically impossible to produce with the Intralase which is very comforting. Can you value this?..... It's an individual interpretation of how one feels to be just that little bit safer than the next guy. For 99 out of 100 patients it probably wouldn't matter which way it was done. Perhaps it is similar to wearing a seat belt in the car. The reality is that a seatbelt is almost never needed, but I like the theoretical safety advantage of wearing one. Intralase also gives me extra control of my flap design so that I can tailor it to an individual's eye. Not everyone can 'dress of the rack' and likewise not every eye is a standard size and shape. Intralase gives me the extra control of the variables to get that 'best fit' more of the time.

Unfortunately there is alot of hype that goes with Laser eye Surgery and the industry is very competetive. It is not uncommon to see discount laser centres advertising extreme low cost surgery at a prominent headline price.  There is no way you can provide Intralase at these discount rates because the Intralase laser is too expensive to buy and the royalties paid per use are not cheap. Actually I am not sure that you can even provide standard Lasik at those prices - I certainly couldn't do it, using our advanced technology and the latest updates for the VISX Star S4 IR Laser.

 Dr Sumich provides a free screening service to assess eligibility for Intralase LASIK candidates at his clinic in Parramatta.

Q/   Dr Sumich, is a LASIK phone consultation necessary?

A/   It's a great way to start. It might save your time and ours. Our LASIK phone consultants (Michelle, Naomi, Leone, Lorrine and Gabi) all have at least 7 years experience in LASIK assessment and they can quickly decide if you should take the next step towards Laser Eye Surgery and schedule an appointment. If an appointment is made the patient always sees me because I like to meet the patient face to face, conduct my own assessment, review the scans and plan a treatment strategy. It's too important a decision to leave it to anyone else other than the surgeon.

Q/  Dr Sumich, why a free Intralase LASIK consultation?

A/  I have found that patients who come in and meet our  LASIK team to discuss Laser Eye Surgery rarely go elsewhere - if they were serious to begin with.  They realise that we are friendly, professional and have a passion for our work. Basically I like patients to be at least 23 years old, with a good positive outlook on life and ready to engage me with a sensible discussion about the pro's and con's of LASIK. We provide them with all the tools to educate themselves about the LASIK proceedure and they are usually really keen to go for it. Some patient's don't want much detail about LASIK at all - and that's fine - just as long as they understand the basics and can make an informed decision."

Q/ Dr Sumich, what is iLASIK?

A/  When Intralase is used with the VISX Star S4 IR laser and wavefront customised correction the combination is referred to as "iLASIK." Its a play on words really - to appeal to the " i generation". This was the preferred LASIK platform for NASA astronauts and Navy fighter pilots. This combination of technologies when brought together represent the pinnacle of LASIK technology.

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