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Presbyopia is a condition which affects all people from the age of about 45 which cause difficulty with close visual activities. It is not a disease and is part of the normal aging process.

How does Presbyopia affect my vision?

Presbyopia causes close visual activates such as reading and sewing to become difficult. Over time near visual tasks become increasingly difficult and object need to be held further away from your eyes to be seen clearly.

What causes Presbyopia?

The focusing mechanism of your eye is very similar to that of a camera. A varying amount of focus is required when viewing objects at near compared to distance. This mechanism also occurs in the human eye.

Inside your eye is a lens which focuses the light rays which enter your eye onto the retina, which contains your visual receptors. To focus on objects at close range the lens in the eye has to change shape in order to maintain a clear image. This process is called accommodation. Hence the closer an object to the eye, the more accommodation of the lens is required.

As we age the lens losses some of its flexibility and the lens gradually losses its ability to accommodate. As a result items viewed at near become increasingly blurred. This process is part of the natural aging process, the same as developing grey hair! The development of presbyopia does not mean that the health of your eyes is deteriorating or that you are going blind.

How is presbyopia treated?

Presbyopia is treated with either spectacles, monovision contact lens and surgically.

Presbyopia is most commonly corrected with spectacles. Spectacles lenses are prescribed which enable near items to be viewed clearly. The power of these lens mean that distance objects viewed through these will be blurred hence these spectacles often come in the form of bifocals or multifocals with both a distance and near correction.

Another option of correction of presbyopia is monovision. Monovision is created when one eye is corrected for distance and the other corrected for near. This allows for a degree of spectacles independence. A pair of glasses for fine near work may still be required. Monovision can be created with either contact lens or laser vision correction.

Presbyopia can also be corrected with multifocal lens implants.

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