What to Expect

What to expect on your assessment visit

The purpose of your first visit is to meet your surgeon and to decide if you are suitable for the surgery. This includes:

Creating a computerised map of your corneal surface in order to look for corneal weaknesses, plan the treatment required and to decide the best choice of procedure.

Checking your spectacle prescription to see if your current glasses are ideal.

Educating you about the procedure and the possible risks.

An eye examination to check the health of your eye and exclude patients who may have medical conditions of their eye, which might result in a future problem. As sub-specialist Corneal surgeons we have advanced training in this field and are often referred patients from other eye specialists to give these difficult opinions.

Examining your lifestyle to match your desired outcome to your current and future needs. We have to find out what you want and decide if it is possible.

We usually dilate your eyes with eye drops to check your retina and to recheck your spectacle prescription - this ensures that you have not been "forcing your vision" to accept the spectacle prescription which may result in a false prediction of your desired laser treatment. Most patients can drive home but some prefer to bring a driver with them.

At this visit we will also be able to do a wavescan “wavefront” map which is like a special finger-print of your eye. The Excimer Laser computer uses this to fine tune the laser correction to the smallest degree, allowing us to deliver a customised laser treatment suited to you.

Most patients prefer to go away and think about their decision. We encourage this because we want you to feel completely comfortable with your decision.

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