What to Expect


On the day of surgery you come in an hour or two early to relax and be prepared. The exact times will be given to you by our booking staff.

Please do not wear eye make-up.

Because we give you a mild sedative you will need to bring a driver.

Our theatre staff explain what you will need to do every step of the way so you don’t even have to think on the day. Just let it happen !

Basically, you come in and lie down, relax and stare at the little red light which keeps your eye still. The doctor keeps your eye open with a small retainer which feels like you are opening your eyes very wide with your finger tips.

Remember, millions of people have had this done and it is not hard !

There is a pressure sensation as the intralase begins to create the flap. Your vision may fade at this stage and that is normal. It returns when the flap is complete.

The laser is then performed and the other eye done.

All up it takes about 20 minutes for the two eyes.

You wait for half an hour and then go home with your escort.

We like you to wear an eye shield overnight to prevent you rubbing your eyes.

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