Our philosophy - why choose us?

Laser eye surgery correction. Sydney specialist

We have been a respected eye surgery in the Parramatta region for 20 years – ask around – we have a reputation for a high quality of surgery and we are not going anywhere!  After 20 years in the region we have proved ourselves over a long time.

LASIK is a corneal operation. Dr Thomson and Dr Sumich are respected and experienced corneal surgeons who have both undertaken Corneal Fellowship training overseas to give them the expertise and training required to safely perform LASIK surgery.

We are conservative and only treat patients who we expect to get excellent results. Please do not be disappointed if you are not suitable – it’s in your best interests.

We are using the latest modern technology to make your procedure a success.

We are a medium sized clinic and we offer close personal support throughout the experience. 

When you speak to one of our surgeons you are speaking directly to the man who owns the business and not to an employee surgeon.

We provide an audiovisual suite for you to educate yourself with DVD`s and reading material. Our staff can spend as long as you need to learn about the proceedure and satisfy yourself. You will always be seen by a doctor and not just by an assistant.

We are up-to-date with the latest techniques due to our frequent attendance at scientific conferences in the United States and around Australia. Therefore we update our ideas and surgical approach according to the most recent research and evidence - to ensure that you are receiving the latest ‘best practice’ of treatment. We have a passion for our work and no stone goes unturned in getting the best outcome for you.

Success comes from good planning between the surgeon and the patient. You should not rush your decision. At our clinic, many patients are brought back for a second or third visit during the decision making process. If the surgery doesn’t feel right for you then it is not right for us. Beware of a laser centre which rushes you through the process and hurries you into a quick decision. If you feel like a ‘number’ then you probably are. Never have the initial consultation and the surgery rushed through on the same day. A cooling off period is vital to allow you to reconsider the procedure after talking to friends or family.

Come in and experience the pleasant environment of our office and meet our friendly staff. You will soon feel that you have chosen your LASIK surgeons wisely.

Hunter Street Lasik Laser Eye Specialists are located in Parramatta. We are an eye clinic specialising in Lasik Laser Eye Surgery, Advanced Cataract surgery, Laser Vision Correction and Lasik eye procedures. Hunter Street Laser Eye Surgery is located in Parramatta Sydney Australia